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Wada Ayaka’s 2nd PB “Irodori -aya-” Cover Released

Wada Ayaka’s 2nd PB announced “Irodori -Aya-“

From what Everyone has said on hello! online and on tubmlr this is Ayaka’s PB cover.

I really like the cover, and i think dawa looks really pretty on it. Her bangs look sharp witch is really cute.

I just wish maybe for the cover they used maybe a outdoor scene.  BUt either way Dawa looks adorable and pretty.

I’m a little concerned this may not be the cover, Because it has the same text and it has a small page number in the corner, like the Magazine picture we saw of Meimi Tamura. Unless she is coming out with a photobook, but i highly doubt that at her age right now. maybe if anything we’ll see a DVD or a PB form here later this year or next year

But if this isnt the cover, at least we can see some previews form her photobook

Here are 4 small preview pictures form her photobook.

In the first Photo, once again, Reminds me of Meimi’s Magazine pictures, But enough about her because this post is about Dawa.  I think Dawa looks Gorgeous in the photo. she has a nice serious look, and her hair with the white dress looks  fabulous and i think the small flower in her hand is a nice touch.

The second Photo Has to be my Favorite.  I love her cute outfit, and the way the wind is blowing her hair makes her look adorable. Even thought people have a problem with her teeth, i think her smile is super cute~! I like the setting of the photo and i think it brings out the inner child of Dawa.

The third photo also has to be one of my favorites. Even though, I’m not a fan of Swim Suit shots, i like Dawa’s hair up in a ponytail and her smile is adorable.  She looks really happy, and i think she’s having a fun time shooting her Photobook.

The last Photo is similar to The first photo, because of the outfit and the hair, But i like the setting for it.  She looks really natural looking, In the grass and the white dress makes her stand out a lot.

Overall I think this is going to be a very pretty Photobook and i hope fans Will Buy it, because i think i will.

The release date is set for 2/15.


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