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Berryz Koubou – “Ai no Album 8″ HQ Covers

Berryz Koubou “Ai no Album 8” Covers 

Both Covers for the New album seem Unique and Outstanding. But what I, and many other fans are wondering, Why the Regular (top Picture) better than the Limited (bottom) cover? I can Say Both Covers are awesome. And i’m Buying this Album myself. I’m about to Pre-order it, along with S/mileage’s Photobook, In about a Week, from

The regular Copy of the Album, Looks great. The girls all have a nice happy smile. Even Risako Does, who did this pouty, look in the group profile pictures. I have to say, It seems Weird to see Risako in the back, Mainly because she’s a huge fan favorite, and she leads almost every Song.  I was really happy to see Yurina in the front, since she is my favorite, and Even thought Momoko’s Pigtails annoy me, I think she Looked great too. All the girls looked great. And I Think the Colorful Background, Makes the girls shine wonderfully.

The Limited cover, Looks Magical. I’m saying this Because, the castle in the background makes it seem like the girls are daydreaming, and plus the way their looking off in the distance. I really like Riskao in this Picture, because the lighting hits, her just right and her daydreaming glare, looks lovely.  Saki, Chinami, and Maasa, look perfect int his cover and I’m glad they stand out here.

Overall, Both Covers look Amazing, and I can’t wait to hear the new Songs coming from it.

The Album goes on sale on 2/22


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