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Hello! project Winter Concert 2012 Photobook Announced

A Photobook for the 2012 winter concert series has been announced.

Looking at many videos and photos, it seems a Photobook is perfect for this Concert series!

With Each Group performing their new single, And many solos being sung, I’m really looking forward to this photobook. After seeing the 9th generation sing “baby! koi ni knock out”  I’m interested even more in this book.

The book’s photos were taken on the 8th and 9th of January. It’s also rumored it will include a DVD, But what’s going to be the DVD is a mystery.

In case you haven’t seen any Footage or pictures form the concert, Here are 2 videos.

If you can’t hear any sound go to

This was the last time Niigaki Risa was on the hello! project stage. I hope fans can support here and the rest of H!P by, buying this photobook

The release date is 3/30


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