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Day 1: Your favorite Idol?

Kumai Yurina

When i first liked any J-pop it was Buono! and i saw the girls were all 5’3″ and etc. so i was taller than all of them already. And i wanted to join H!P. SO i thought it would be really awkward because of the height difference. Then i Found about Berryz Koubou. So to learn about them, and the members, my friend and i (since she didnt know about berryz Koubou either) worked hard to make this group: !!Berryz Koubou!!. although it seems i do all the work on the group now XD But when i made the pages about the different members, Kumai Yurina stood out to me. I realized she was much taller than the other members. So I made a Fan club for her opened the same website. and that gave me a chance to learn about her. And i realized we have a lot in common, and soon she became my all time favorite ^^ (sorry miyabi ^^; ) And I was happy to see someone who is taller than be was in H!P. She gave me Happiness to be tall. ( i’m supposed to be 5’8″ when im done growing ) And as long as she was happy with her height i could be too. I love her singing voice and i wish to join H!P and sing on stage with her. That’s why Yurina Kumai is my favorite.



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