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S/mileage Dot bikini MV

The dot Bikini MV was released on The S/mileage channel yesterday.

yesterday I was lying in bed (it was still early in the morning) and i thought, i’ll sleep for another 30 minutes, but then i saw my S/mileage picture/poster on my wall and remembered the H!p website said the Dot bikini Music video was supposed to be posted today, so i jumped out of bed ran down the stairs (and of course i fell down, while running down them ) and i went on  the computer to see the Music video.

The Music video is fun and even though, the Music video was taken in one place, the girls still have a fun time. I found it disappointing rina and kana received no solo lines, But i hope they do in the next single.

 Fun points of the S/mileage MV*

The fun dance

Ayaka’s arm surfing

Akari winks

Ayaka and Rina’s heart

The rainbow

overall The music video is fun and entertaining to watch, and i the song is amazing. The Single is released on 5/2. I hope many fans will buy this single to help support S/mileage.

*did not make any of the gifs, they can be found on tumblr*


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