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New CD Gets

Today i received my New CDs today in the mail.

I ordered  S/mileage, tachiagaaru, Please miniskirt postwoman and, the new single, dot bikini. Along with Fairies Beat generation/no more distance 

For Purchasing my first single I was happy to help out S/mileage’s dot bikini on the oricon charts.  I decided to get the limited A edition of the single. The cover was nice and pretty and I felt so happy holding the single in my hands.  The only thing i didn’t like, was no back cover on the limited. I always thought they put back covers on the limited, guess not. But either way i was happy to get my CDs .

The single I was looking forward to the most was  the Fairies one. I recently found out about them a 3 weeks ago and Loved their singles. Their still a pretty good group, since they debuted in 2011. I got the limited edition version with the disc coming with the MV of both A-sides and a dance shot version for one of the songs. It also came with a  Picture of one of the members. (sorry there is no picture)  I really loved getting this single the most.

MV for beat generation:

Plus i also received a poster with my S/mileage single ( I love CDjapan)

Overall, I’m happy to have received these Singles, and i hope people will buy them too! I choose CDjapan over yesasia for my first purchase  of singles, and so far i love CDjapan.


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