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Day 3: Favorite Group?


If i answered this question a few months ago, i would have said Berryz Koubou, but their new single disappointed me. Even thought i wanted them to go back to childish songs, i realized i like the mature berryz better.

But S/mileage has to be my favorite group right now. They soon went up from my #2 to my # 1.


Kosuga Fuyuka has apparently recovered from her anemia

Kosuga Fuyuka has apparently recovered from her anemia.

After this photo being released, Rumors have been said saying Kosuga Fuyuka has recovered from her anemia, and is now part of hello! project egg.  Seeing this made me smile, Im so happy Fuu-chan is feeling better. It’s been a few months since her leaving S/mileage to go into treatment was announced.  So, i hope in 3 years a 3rd generation s/mileage will be announced (that way i could possibly audition, if my parents let me) that way fuu-chan could join S/mileage once again.

There has been no official announcement that kosuga fuyuka has recovered.

C-ute’s “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” MV released

C-ute’s “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” MV released

Even though i’m a big Berryz Koubou fan, This single is Better than  “Be Genki Naseba Naru!”.  I like the mature berryz better because, in this year, 3/4 of the member are going to be adults. But i love C-ute’s mature songs, so I’m a fan of this one.

The MV (music Video)  was wonderful. And this is the second hello! project Music video with a guy involved in it. I hope H!P does that more, because it really makes the song have more meaning. The dance shot, in my opinion, would be better if they did what buono! does and use Microphones and sing into them, and maybe sway to the beat. I’m saying this because i didn’t get the dance at all. But that’s ok, since the real focus was on the drama.

While some people may not be happy Airi is the one with the guy in the MV, i think airi was a perfect choice. And i love how in the MV they did what the title of the song translates to; To Get Home You Ride a Bike and I Ride The Train

Overall I think the MV was perfect and after seeing this i’m having second thought about buying the nakajima saki solo version to the airi one. But we just have to wait to see the covers.

The single will be released on April 18, 2012.

Day 2: The Idol you hate or dislike?

I hate none of the H!P idols


Tanaka Reina

At first i would have said, i dislike riho, but lately She’s grown on me, and i don’t have a problem with her. Same with Reina. I don’t have problem with her, But i just don’t exactly like her.  When i found out she dropped out of high school almost all my respect went away for her. And i know some people don’t want her to break Gaki’s record of the longest serving member of morning musume. But what other chose does she have? she didn’t finish her education, and UFA doesn’t really do anything once a soloist. so…. But i do think she’s pretty and has a adorable character

Day 1: Your favorite Idol?

Kumai Yurina

When i first liked any J-pop it was Buono! and i saw the girls were all 5’3″ and etc. so i was taller than all of them already. And i wanted to join H!P. SO i thought it would be really awkward because of the height difference. Then i Found about Berryz Koubou. So to learn about them, and the members, my friend and i (since she didnt know about berryz Koubou either) worked hard to make this group: !!Berryz Koubou!!. although it seems i do all the work on the group now XD But when i made the pages about the different members, Kumai Yurina stood out to me. I realized she was much taller than the other members. So I made a Fan club for her opened the same website. and that gave me a chance to learn about her. And i realized we have a lot in common, and soon she became my all time favorite ^^ (sorry miyabi ^^; ) And I was happy to see someone who is taller than be was in H!P. She gave me Happiness to be tall. ( i’m supposed to be 5’8″ when im done growing ) And as long as she was happy with her height i could be too. I love her singing voice and i wish to join H!P and sing on stage with her. That’s why Yurina Kumai is my favorite.


30 day H!P challenge

hello 🙂 i want to say, thank you for supporting my blog, thought it may seem small now, I hope more and more people find out about my blog.  And what easy way to get more people to follow the blog, is by the 30 day H!P challenge !! It won’t get in the way of my regular blogging, so to makes things easy, i’m going to do Day 1 and Day 2 later today

Hello! project Winter Concert 2012 Photobook Announced

A Photobook for the 2012 winter concert series has been announced.

Looking at many videos and photos, it seems a Photobook is perfect for this Concert series!

With Each Group performing their new single, And many solos being sung, I’m really looking forward to this photobook. After seeing the 9th generation sing “baby! koi ni knock out”  I’m interested even more in this book.

The book’s photos were taken on the 8th and 9th of January. It’s also rumored it will include a DVD, But what’s going to be the DVD is a mystery.

In case you haven’t seen any Footage or pictures form the concert, Here are 2 videos.

If you can’t hear any sound go to

This was the last time Niigaki Risa was on the hello! project stage. I hope fans can support here and the rest of H!P by, buying this photobook

The release date is 3/30

Okai Chisato “Cutest” Android PB App Released

Okai Chisato “Cutest” Android PB App Released

Since we saw a App for Maimi, Saki and Airi, it’s no surprise Chisato got one, and I bet one for Mai is down the road too. I’m really happy to see and App for Chisato, becuase we haven’t seen any new dance covers done by her on the cutechannel lately. And she hasn’t gotten a DVD or PB within a year.  so, I’m hoping fans will be happy to see, some unseen pictures of chisato not featured in the Cutest photobook.

Sample photos:

And here is the video released form the Andriod Website

The app is US dollars $6.50

Ayaka Messes up

For my next blog post, I was looking for a s/mileage picture to use. But instead i found this gif. In the gif, they’re dancing for “Chotto Mate Kudasai”

Can anybody find where ayaka messed up?? Easy she fixed her hair. And you’re not supposed to do that when dancing (i know from experience)

Anyways, i thought this was funny and cute ♥ so i hope you thought so too.

Buono “Gommensai” Has been English Subbed

Buono’s Movie “Gommenasai” has been English subbed.

From Mixed reviews, i heard the ending was kinda expected, but Everyone said that Buono! was great at acting.