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New CD Gets

Today i received my New CDs today in the mail. I ordered  S/mileage, tachiagaaru, Please miniskirt postwoman and, the new single, dot bikini. Along with Fairies Beat generation/no more distance  For Purchasing my first single I was happy to help out S/mileage’s dot bikini on the oricon charts.  I decided to get the limited A edition of the single. …

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S/mileage “Best Album Kanzenban 1 ” Covers Released

Limited edition Regular edition S/mileage “Best Album Kanzenban 1 ” Album Released Both covers look amazing. The first cover is cute and they used their best selling single “please miniskirt postwoman” photos on the cover. The Girls have amazing Smiles and The colorful polka dots are really cute and they stand out well. I also …

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Nakanishi Kana Birthday event announced

A birthday Event for Nakanishi Kana has been announced. While it hasn’t been official on the hello! project website, Kana has reveled on her blog a birthday event was made of her. I’m excited to see kana has  Birthday event. First rina and now kana. Since kana isn’t as popular as the other members, it’s good she is getting a birthday event. It will give her …

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S/mileage Dot bikini MV

The dot Bikini MV was released on The S/mileage channel yesterday. yesterday I was lying in bed (it was still early in the morning) and i thought, i’ll sleep for another 30 minutes, but then i saw my S/mileage picture/poster on my wall and remembered the H!p website said the Dot bikini Music video was supposed to be posted …

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S/mileage’s 1st Best-Of Album Announced and Tracklist Released

S/mileage’s 1st Best-Of Album Tracklist  CD tracklist 1. aMa no Jaku 2. Asu wa Date na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai 3. Suki-chan 4. Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!! 5. Yume Miru 15sai 6. OO Ganbaranakutemo Enende!! 7. Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama 8. Shortcut 9. Koi ni Booing Buu! 10. Uchouten …

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Kosuga Fuyuka has apparently recovered from her anemia

Kosuga Fuyuka has apparently recovered from her anemia. After this photo being released, Rumors have been said saying Kosuga Fuyuka has recovered from her anemia, and is now part of hello! project egg.  Seeing this made me smile, Im so happy Fuu-chan is feeling better. It’s been a few months since her leaving S/mileage to go …

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